It’s that time of year again when I will be taking orders for Palestinian olive oil to support the Palestinian farmers who are struggling to make a living because of reduced farming area.

For the past few years, Tioga Peace & Justice group offered the opportunity to purchase bottles of extra virgin olive oil from Palestine (West Bank).  Each bottle (750ml) sells at the same prices as last year at $20 per bottle.  They make excellent gifts for you and for Christmas gifts.

I will take orders from now through the end of OCTOBER and place the order.  Payment to me is on delivery and with check or cash.  Order by sending me your name, phone no. and how many bottles you want to purchase to redskins052735@yahoo.com.

Thank you, Duane Palmiter.

To reserve bottles of olive oil, please full out the form below. You can order one or more than one. You will be contacted when the olive oil is available.
Please request olive oil only if you live in Tioga, Tompkins, or Broome Counties of New York. We will be hand delivering these bottles. We can’t ship them out of our area.