Tioga Peace and Justice

is a local peace group based in Tioga County, New York which gathers to discuss, understand and take action related to issues of war, peace and justice.

We believe

War is not the answer

  • Lives are lost, societies and cultures are destroyed
  • Hatred, distrust and threats of retaliation are increased
  • The money spent on destruction is not available for food, medicine and shelter for millions of people already living in despair.

We advocate

a U.S. foreign policy that :

  • Builds peaceful relations among nations, religious and ethnic groups, with nonviolent solutions to differences
  • Joins the international community to seek agreements on arms control, human rights, the environment, international law, and efforts to improve living conditions for the millions of poor.
  • Supports human rights around the world
  • Reduces the threat of terrorism around the world by not dominating people, and by focusing on humanitarian efforts
  • Does not act unilaterally

We cooperate

with national and regional groups

  • United for Peace and Justice
  • Veterans for Peace
  • Peace Action
  • Citizen Action
  • The Fellowship of Reconciliation
  • The Christian Peacemaker Teams
  • Friends Committee on National Legislation
  • Churches for Middle East Peace
  • School of Americas Watch
  • and various church organizations with which members are affiliated

We hold public forums

topics of recent forums:

  • US corporations & war-profiteering in Iraq
  • The pre-invasion knowledge of Iraq and the alternatives to war
  • The Palestinian-Israeli Crisis
  • Eyewitness report on conditions in Iraq affecting U.S. military and Iraqis
  • Theocracy Watch and Dominionism
  • Christian Peacemaker Team report on Iraq and U.S. troops
  • Genetically engineered foods under control of corporations
  • Climate change and global warming