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Spies of Mississippi – a video history by Dawn Porter

“Mr. Trump defended those gathered in a Charlottesville park to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee. “I’ve condemned neo-Nazis. I’ve condemned many different groups,” he said. ‘Not all of those people were neo-Nazis, believe me. Not all of those people were white supremacists by any stretch.’ “

New York Times, August 16, 2017

I find it odd that the President can’t acknowledge that what America and the world witnessed over the past weekend (August 12-13, 2017) was a massive gathering of white supremacists in Charlottesville intent on bringing back the so-called Good Old Days where white privilege was the law of the land and non-whites were regarded as sub-human and treated as such. Let’s face it, “It can’t happen here”, can happen here. If there is one thing we can learn from history it’s that progress is not a straight line. Every step forward must be defended lest the gains won be reversed. It will take more than a right wing president and a few thousand militant racists to undo the gains of the last 70 years, but it only took Hitler about 10 years to rise from obscurity to power, so let’s not dismiss the American right as irrelevant.

Because much of the struggle took place over sixty years ago doesn’t mean we’ve come so far that issues of race in this country have come anywhere close to being resolved. Let’s take a good look at what America was and what the nazi scum would love to bring back.

This is a video about Mississippi’s Sovereignty Commission set up in the late 1950s to spy on and disrupt the Civil Rights Movement in the state.


The video link is no longer available

The video by Dawn Porter was released in 2014 on PBS

The book:
Spies of Mississippi: The True Story of the State-Run Spy Network that Tried to Destroy the Civil Rights Movement by Rick Bowers is available online (National Geographic Books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indie Bound, Books-a-Million)